Reach out to the place where you want to live

Looking for another place to live or maybe a second home to escape to in the summer and whenever you can get away isn’t easy.
We know that. It’s a very important decision for you and your family.
You’ll see catalogues with fascinating images, you’ll read leaflets promising all sorts of benefits, yet you will always have the same doubts,
Because it’s normal to ask yourself many questions:
● Is it really the ideal place?
● Will our needs and concerns be covered?
● Is it a good place for us to adapt to the lifestyle?
We’ve been answering these questions with a definite yes for 30 years. And we do it from the Costa Blanca, a paradise which has convinced hundreds of our customers of many different nationalities who have been through the same moments of doubt.
Some decades ago, our own family went through a similar experience.
Jose Ramirez left his homeland (Murcia region) to look for new opportunities in the 70s. He set up on the Côte d’Azure in France where, thanks to his efforts and persistence, at the age of just 20 he managed to turn his passion, construction, into a successful business of his own.
We know what it feels like when you make such an important bet for your future.
That feeling of vertigo caused by making the most important decisions in life. And of course, we know what it’s like to arrive in a new country, with a different lifestyle, a language you know little of and a completely different place from the one you come from.
Adapting to all this is much easier if you have someone friendly to take your hand and guide you through the minefield, providing everything you need to know about your new surroundings.
We’re here to help you create your new home
We want you to enjoy the experience of planning a new life in magical surroundings: La Costa Blanca española.
Because at last you’ll be able to relax beside the sea, enjoy a warm, pleasant climate all year round and immerse yourself in the Mediterranean lifestyle.
When José decided to return to Spain in 1985 as he and his wife wanted their children to grow up there, they were sure they wanted to be in the most marvellous place they knew of: La Costa Blanca.
2.800 hours of sun per year, a soft sea which laps at more than 200 kilometres of beaches, bays, cliffs and golf courses along with marinas are just a few of the most noteworthy characteristics of this area.
And that is how ModernHouseSpain was born.
We are proud to be able to say that we have helped over 5,000 families design their new home during these more than 30 years building villas on the Costa Blanca.
But now we want to concentrate on you, on your dreams and the plans you have in your mind. We can’t wait to meet you and show you all the possibilities of the exclusive, original houses we’re building. With infinite ways to adapt them to your own tastes, your own way and your own style.

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